Souvenir Coins, Medallion Coins and Tokens.

From the most highly renowned of Europes' designers, manufacturers and product finishers is this  strong range of products in souvenir, medallion coins and plastic / metal tokens. Click on the images/links below to learn more about each category. 

Souvenir Coins

A Souvenir coin created exclusively for your Museum, Heritage Site or visitor attraction. more

Medallion Coins

Having a celebration or important event to commemorate?

Then a limited edition custom design medallion coin might be the answer.  More info here

Tokens - Metal & Plastic

All types & sizes

Custom tokens for every application. 

  More info here

Colour Coins

Colour coin options are available. A variety of prices in relation to quality can be quoted. 

Making a design 


It's easy to create a  coin. Everything is done by email and a few phone calls. All that's needed is some good high quality images, logos and suggested text.  The steps are as follows .....

Merchandising Options:

There are several options to merchandise coins to create the total package.  more info