Wholesale to retail Souvenir coins, Medallions & Tokens. 

A range of products created by working with Europe's most highly regarded designers, manufacturers and product finishers. Custom designed, produced and then the best package option is chosen for your retail needs. The base material are precious metals, typical copper which once struck are sandblasted, then finished and polished.

Souvenir Coins

The Ireland collection of souvenir coins is a unique memento to offer to your visitors.

 In partnership with National Tokens we design, manufacture and deliver directly to the retailer.  


The coin is Made from high quality metal alloy of copper & brass with an  attractive gold finish.

Standard size is 31 x 2.25mm but a larger size is available. 


Coin Alloy : brass - Coin Alloy Colour : gold

Coin Diameter : 31,00 - Coin Thickness : 2,25

Coin Edge : serrated, fine

Medallion Coins

Having a celebration or important event to commemorate? Then a limited edition custom design medallion coin might be the answer.

We will creatively ensure an original and lasting medal. Whether you want a stand out souvenir for the more selective customer or for an event that will only happen once.

You can order quantities from 250 medals. Sizes range from 30m to 50mm, we recommend a min size of 40mm.


Coin Alloy: brass

Coin Alloy Color: brass

Coin Diameter: 40mm

Coin Thickness: 2,5mm

Coin Edge: serrated, polished


All types & sizes - Custom tokens for every application. . 

Made to order - Blank colour or with logos, Minimum 1000 tokens per colour or design

Delivery Time - From confirmation of order a minimum of four weeks. 

We offer a wide range of tokens in a selection of materials, such as brass, nickel-silver, copper, or plastic. The custom tokens can be large or small, thick or thin, and marked with your logo or brand name.


TIP: Before ordering a token for a vending machine your service agent has to agree to test the token and reprogram the coin mechanism.


Material: Plastic or Metal

Colour: Multiple colour options

Coin Diameter: several sizes 30 to 50mm

Thickness: 1.5 to 2mm

Edge: smooth

Making a design

We combine graphical design expertise to create the best design from your idea.

It's easy to create a coin. Everything is done by email and detailed images. All that's needed is some good high quality images, logos and suggested text. 


There are several options to merchandise coins and via our partners we can  create the total package.  We work with over four different manufacturers and product finishers in Europe including Ireland.

Souvenir Coins:For the classic souvenir coin there are a couple of different options. Blister, Keyring or Capsule that ensure higher RRP€ and margin.

*Larger coins over 31mm & medallions can only be package in boxes or capsules.

Medallion: For medallion coins there are two options. Presentation box or coin card depending on which manufacturer.