Custom Medallion Coins

Having a celebration or important event to commemorate?

Then a custom design limited edition medallion coin might be the answer.   

Medallions (medals) are a perfect choice to commemorate a special event such as an anniversary, award, sports event or company event. We will creatively ensure an original and lasting medal. 


All medallions are custom designed and produce. You can place orders  in limited edition quantities from 250.  Depending on specifications prices can vary but command a higher POS price due to there higher metal and size, rarity.  


Everything is done by email and a few phone calls. All we really need from you is some good high quality images, logos and suggested text. 

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Recent projects

Types of medallions

2D Medallion

3D Medallions




Sizes range from 30m to 50mm, we recommend a min size of 40mm.


Coin & Medallions are produced from  variations of different materials and finishes. This based on precious metals typical copper. which once struck are sandblasted and then finished and polish. Finish options are gold, silver or dark brass. 


There are options of solid silver and high percentage gold coins but this type of produce is for special edition coins from a Countries mint or high value collectable.