There are several options to merchandise coins and via our partners we can  create the total package.  We work with over four different manufacturers and product finishers in Europe including Ireland. This allows for a variety of merchandising options including  simple perspex box , blister pack and classic presentation box, depending on the coin type.


Souvenir Coin - Perspex box, Blister, Keyring, Capsule.

Medallion - Presentation Box, Coin Card. 

Souvenir Coins: For the classic souvenir coin there are a couple of different options. Perspex box, Blister, Keyring and Capsule. 

Medallion: For medallion coins there are two options. Presentation box or coin card depending on which manufacturer.

Perspex Display:

We can also customise the perspex display to fit into your specific retail environment and brand it for your location with images and name of the site.