Plastic Tokens

Please note the minimum quantity is 1000 and we only produce to order. If that is of interest let me know. You can expect a price of .17c min per token plus about 300euro design costs. 

All types & sizes

Custom tokens for every application. . 


Made to order

Blank colour or with logos, all orders are manufacture to order. Minimum 1000 tokens per colour or design


Delivery Time

From confirmation of order a minimum of four weeks. works directly with Europes best and biggest Token Manufacturer. We can produce custom tokens for a wide range of sectors and applications, such as vending machines, coin-operated toys and rides, promotional activities, events, etc.





We offer a wide range of tokens in a selection of materials, such as brass, nickel-silver, copper, or plastic. The custom tokens can be large or small, thick or thin, and marked with your logo or brand name.


We would be pleased to consult with you on the ideal token for your project.

Minimum quantity 1000 of each individual design and/or colour.

Helpful Tip: Many enquiries I get are for small quantities of 500 tokens or less. I cannot not supply anything at this quantity. 

If you need smaller quantities than 1000 please try general merchandising suppliers type companys in Ireland who keep supplies of blank colour plastic tokens. Two other suppliers in this area are and both create sports medals etc for GAA and sports clubs, mmi in particular have there own manufacturer unit in Dublin. Might be able to create a plastic token for you cheaper than me in small quantities.