Souvenir Coins of Ireland

A souvenir coin created exclusively for your museum, heritage site or visitor attraction.

The Ireland collection of souvenir coins individually designed for each visitor location it represents. Each souvenir coin is a unique memento for visitors. Across Ireland over 22 visitor attractions have their own souvenir coin from us. We would love to do the same for you. Every coin is promoted in partnership with We design a unique coin and supply it with no packaging in a simply, effective and space saving perspex display. Retailing at only €2/£2 it is a unique memento for visitors to take home.  The coin is made from high quality metal alloy of copper & brass, standard size is 31 x 2.25mm but  you can have a larger 35mm if you wish

Colour Diameter Thickness Edge
 Brass, Gold, Champagne, Silver 31 / 35mm 2.25 / 2.00  Serrated (Course, Fine) with script smooth

Making a design 


It's easy to create a  coin with us. Everything is done by email and a few phone calls. All we really need from you is some good high quality images, logos and suggested text.  The steps are as follows .....